About G3C

G3C Experiential Learning Model

G3C (Global Genetics and Genomics Community) is a collection of unfolding case studies for use with students and practicing healthcare providers learning basic genetic/genomic concepts. When faced with a patient and their needs, there may be multiple ways to meet those needs. Yet, too often education requires learners to follow a linear path to form a solution - negating the multi-dimensional nature of human beings. An Unfolding Case Study (UCS) can address this deficiency by offering the student a self-guided learning experience which allows for nuanced experiential learning. For the instructor, a UCS offers a way to robustly cover a topic, bringing to light the subtleties in a more realistic practice-based skill environment.

Project Team/Performers

This project has been led by Kathleen Calzone, PhD, RN, AGN-BC, FAAN; Jean Jenkins (retired), PhD, RN, FAAN; Donna Messersmith, PhD; Yi Liu, MS, CGC

The performers in the videos are:

  • Carla: Dr. Jean Jenkins
  • Dai: Annie Moon
  • Lisa: Dorea Schmidt
  • Jeff/Maria: Eric Messner and Kelli Miller
  • Lucas: Felipe Cabezas
  • Gabe and Gabe 2: Manolo Santalla
  • Luis: Jay Saunders
  • Grace: Dymond Collins
  • Maria: Sandra Milena
  • Jennifer: Sonia Montlaugh
  • Peggy: Annjeannette Cruz
  • Larry: Tony Williams
  • Stephanie: Alona Sistrunk
  • Lena: Lisa Margarita Nadal
  • Tom: William Powell
  • Larrisa: Ester Ferman
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